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Looking for a cloud P.B.X? Cyprus P.B.X. can offer you the ideal solution!

Our hosted business VoIP service, is a completely managed hosted pbx service for businesses which want an outsourced communications platform. Customers connect phones to Cyprus PBX over the Internet from any location for everything from extension dialing and inbound calls, to acd queues and voicemail services.

The platform is a collection of communications services, all based on SIP, the defacto standard for VoIP. The service leverages the concept of SIP domain hosting. All accounts are created with a virtual SIP domain and call routing is entirely based on SIP addresses.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Yes, you can keep your numbers. In co-operation with Cablenet Communication Systems PLC, you can transfer the numbers from any Telecom provider to your CYPRUS PBX Solutions Hosted PBX service.

  • Mobility. Use your extension over a smartphone, softphone, hardphone anywhere without prerequisites if your device is connected to a public internet.
  • Fully functional virtual Telephone system without purchasing hardware, having all the functionality that an IP telephony system can offer without hidden costs or license fees. You can have voicemail, recording, ringing groups, answering machine, custom music on hold, email on voicemail, unlimited network calling, efax in any chosen package.
  • Scalability. You can upgrade or downgrade any time according to your needs.

We own servers in Cablenet Communication Systems PLC data center and we have dedicated servers in Hetzner Online GmbH data centers in Gernany and in Finland. This ensures a 24/7 reliable secure and reliable service.

The company since 2011 offers its innovative services without interruptions or issues and will continue doing so in the future!


Hosted P.B.X. Solution

  • Suitable for small start-up companies to large organizations.
  • Fully functional Telephone system on the cloud.
  • No need to purchase hardware.
  • Keep your numbers.
  • Add international numbers.
  • API integrations for browser calling or click-to-call.
  • NO licenses for additional features.
  • Mobility, use your phone anywhere anytime without restrictions or prerequisites.
  • Low call rates to international destinations.

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International Numbers

In cooperation with international carriers we offer regional numbers in over 60 countries worldwide. Use the international numbers to make / receive calls like being at the origin country. Contact us for more info.


Call Center Software

  • Custom call center solution tailored to your needs.
  • Use of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queues.
  • Hold and distribute calls to a group of employees called agents in an efficient way.
  • Each agent has statistics that measure his performance during the working time (how much time he talked, how many calls he answered, how much time he was on break etc).
  • We can built specific customized reports for each agent according to his needs.


Dynamic Caller ID

In case you have many different regional numbers assigned to your account, a user can show dynamically the proper Caller ID number depending which country he calls to.


Click to Call API

We offer an API to user when you want to support the click to dial functionality in your CRM / Webpage. When the API is called, the system rings the users extension and then calls the recipient and connects the call between the extension and the recipient.


Conference Call Solution

  • Create a conference call room with a pin number
  • Send the pin number to the attendees
  • Call the conference bridge number, enter your pin and attend to the conference
  • The service can be offered on demand, with a monthly subscription or with a prepaid subscription


Online Faxing

  • Use this service to send a fax from the email.
  • Receive a fax into your email program without having to install a fax modem, a fax server, or phone lines.
  • Assign various email accounts to the fax number.
  • Receive faxes to all associated email accounts
  • Send faxes from any of the associated email accounts.
  • Bulk fax in seconds by just sending a single email



Use our API to dial a number from the browser easily. We do offer the API details. The implementation is the customer's responsibility.

Our call, anytime, anywhere!

Fully compatible with all the SIP phones without any additional network configuration!

Competitive packages

for custom package please contact us!

Starter Plan


per month + VAT (outbound calls are charged extra)

Subscription breakdown

  • One Cypriot number
  • One SIP extension
  • Mobility (use your extension anywhere)

SMALL Business


per month + VAT (outbound calls are charged extra)

Subscription breakdown

  • Four Cypriot numbers
  • Four simultaneous calls
  • Up to 15 extension numbers
  • Up to 15 voicemail (email on voicemail)
  • Recording
  • Answering machine
  • Ringing Groups
  • e-fax
  • custom Music on Hold
  • ACD Queue
  • Mobility (use your extension anywhere)
  • 24/7 support



per month + VAT (outbound faxes are charged per page. Incoming faxes for free)

Subscription breakdown

  • One Cyprus Number
  • Up to four email addresses authorized to receive faxes on email
  • Up to four email addresses authorized to send faxes
  • Send Bulk faxes
  • Per sending page charge
  • Receive faxes for free
  • 24/7 support

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