Configure Acrobits soft phone on Smartphones with Cyprus PBX Hosted PBX Service



1. Download the application (Acrobits Soft phone)  from Apple Store or Google Play. It is a paid application.



2. Start the application and follow the below

screenshots to setup your account

Click <New Account> / <Generic SIP Account>:




Choose to configure a <SIP account> and enter the following information to configure your extension with your CYPRUS P.B.X. basic residential account:
(The information is available in your portal at under the Menu Item Configuration Details / Configuration)



Under <Advanced settings> / <Audio Codecs> choose the G729 codec for WiFi and for Mobile Data



To be able to call saved numbers on your smartphone that start with the + symbol, you should activate the Number rewriting option.

Under <Advanced Settings > / < Number Rewriting> area. Change the field “Rewrite international numbers” to 00, add the rule to replace “+” symbol with 00 when dialing a contact with the + prefix from your contact list

 Acrobits     Acrobits









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