Dynamic Call ID

In case you have many different regional numbers assigned to your account, a user can show dynamically the proper Caller ID number depending which country he calls to. HOW DYNAMIC CALLER ID WORKS Dynamic Call ID can be applied in two ways: Automatically: Cyprus PBX configures automatically the desired number to show as calling number per extension per destination. The…

Call Center Application

Use our inbound call queuing application for your call center needs. Our application distributes the calls to the agents using various scenarios and rules. A score-based system is used to distribute inbound calls. A caller's score increases by 1 for every second he waits. You can add a base score to help move a caller to the front of a…

Call Center Functionalities over the hosted PBX service

CYPRUS P.B.X announces the implementation of call center functionalities to its service. Live monitoring of all agent status Supervisor has the ability to change online the status of an agent On demand reports showing the performance of the call center For more information contact the CYPRUS P.B.X team at 00357 25257400

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