Configure Linphone soft phone on Smartphones with Cyprus PBX Hosted PBX Service

Linphone is a free softphone in both Android and iOS smartphones. The great news is that it offers the G729 codec for free! CYPRUS P.B.X. recommends to all our customers to use the G729 codec as the preferred codec when connecting either WiFi or through mobile data with 4G/5G. To configure this softphone with CYPRUS PBX Hosted PBX service follow…

Use CYPRUS P.B.X. service with LiveAgent Help Desk

LiveAgent, is a powerful Helpdesk system that could help you build better customer relationships, and help your customer service team provide an overall better service in every regard. Use the ticketing system to manage and organize your customer communication. Further you can use your Social Media to handle requests from the most popular Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber and WhatsApp. You can…

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