Fax to Email

This service is no longer offered as a stand alone service. It is offered as a feature in any of our Hosted PBX packages! Use this service to send a fax from email or receive a fax into your email program without having to install a fax modem, a fax server, or phone lines. Assign various email accounts to the…

Click to Call

Click to call or click to dial, lets people to connect with  a company representative by phone while they’re browsing a website or lets the employees to initiate a call to a customer without dialing his contact phone. When Do I use the Click to Dial? In case you would like your website visitors to click to your company phone…


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication (RTC) via application programming interfaces (APIs). It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication, eliminating the need to install plugins or download native apps. Supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera, WebRTC specifications have been published by the…

Conference Bridge

Use this service to create conference calls without the need of an operator. Dial the conference call number, enter your conference call PIN and initiate the call. The service is given in three plans: <b>Prepaid Conference Bridge with up to 10 attendees.</b> Login to your account and schedule your conference call. After that you will receive an email with your…

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