Use international DID numbers (regional numbers)

Cyprus PBX now offers the possibility to have international DID numbers (regional numbers) synchronized with our hosted PBX service. This means that anybody can have an international number from all the countries that offer this possibility, and route it as a normal Cypriot number through the hosted PBX account, either for receiving only calls, or for both receiving and performing…

How secure is CYPRUS PBX

Security VoIP telephony data is sent using VoIP RTP over public internet. In case that customer announces sensitive personal data over CYPRUS P.B.X service, is responsible to inform CYPRUS P.B.X about this and asks from CYPRUS P.B.X to use secure RTP for VoIP. This will increase the delay because of data encoding and decoding. CYPRUS P.B.X Security Recommendations  Separate voice…

Manual day/night control of Telephone system

CYPRUS P.B.X announces the activation of option to manually put the telephone system to night service, normal working position, or to forward calls to the desired destination! For more details contact the CYPRUS P.B.X team at 00357 25257400

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