Mobile VoIP

Take your Cyprus PBX business phone service where ever you go. Cyprus PBX works on mobile SIP clients, allowing you to stay connected, even when you’re nowhere near your desk phone. Your mobile phone becomes your office extension, displaying your company caller ID on outbound calls and allowing you to enjoy features like extension to extension dialing, and more.

Note that although most of the VoIP sip clients are great of making and receiving calls, very few, cant perform all the functions of a desk phone. There is a daily improvement on all offered sip clients though, expecting to add more and more functions within a few months.

Also note that performance is entirely reliant on the SIP client/software you choose and your Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connection strength. We do not suggest this solution as a total replacement for your desk phone.

How can I get Mobile VoIP working with Cyprus PBX?

In a few minutes you can setup your cell phone to make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk from almost anywhere!

  1. Download a compatible mobile SIP client or Softphone on your mobile phone
  2. Apply your Cyprus PBX credentials
  3. Start making and receiving calls

Mobile VoIP Features and Benefits

The specific features you get with a mobile VoIP solution actually depends on the SIP Client or mobile softphone you use. However, there are common benefits that you can take advantage of. Make and receive calls without using up your mobile minutes Display your company ID on outbound calls, keeping your personal number private Make and receive calls over Wi-Fi and your 3G Network Extension-to-extension dialing Some apps have push notifications, which allow you to receive calls even when the mobile app is not running

Mobile VoIP Applications

Because each mobile VoIP app is different, our team conducts thorough reviews to make sure you are buying and/or downloading the right one.

iPhone/Android VoIP Applications

The Acrobits Softphone is a mobile SIP application for the iPhone platform. It is one of the higher rated applications we’ve encountered in the App Store (4 out of 5 stars last time we checked), which is a good sign. We’ve been looking around for a great desk-phone-replacing mobile application for a while now; one that has all the normal calling features you’d expect from a business phone, and allows you to be reached on your mobile device when someone dials your extension…”

The Granstream Wave Softphone is a mobile SIP application that offers the G729 codec for free. We do suggest to our customers to use the G729 codec as the preferred codec for both WiFi and 4G/5G networks to perform calls for better bandwidth utilization and better voice quality.

ZoIPER Softphone is also one reliable SIP client. In its free version allows to setup only one extension, while on the paid version allows more extensions and offers the G729 codec.

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