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  • Fully Functional Virtual Telephone System
  • You can Keep your existing numbers
  • No need to spend money on system upgrades
  • No annually maintenance fees
  • Recording
  • Voice mail Boxes
  • Email on Voice mail
  • Music on hold
  • Auto attendant. (Auto attendant is the answering machine like welcome message e.t.c)
  • E-fax (send / receive faxes through your email without physical land line)
  • Extension on mobile. Tested on iPhones and Android cell phones. You can have your extension enabled when having internet connection. Either 4G/5G or WiFi connection on your cell phone.
  • Extension to PC, using softphone
  • Free calls between stations that belong to the same VoIP network, ANYWHERE in earth, if internet connection is available
  • 24/7 Support. Phone and ticketing system for immediate response
  • Connect different branches without having VPN connections
  •  Connect until November the 30th and the Service installation / configuration fees are free!

19.99€+ VAT /month

Leave your details and we will contact you for the rest!

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